Savage the Musical April 1-3, 2022 at Ja'Duke Theater in MA

02-21-22 08:30 AM Comment(s) By Kevin Lynch


Kevin Lynch Music Services, LLC prepares music for the performance of "Savage the Musical" in Massachusetts.

Savage the Musical is a dramatic musical inspired by the life of 1920s Chickasaw sharpshooter and silent film actress Wanda Savage as told by her Chickasaw great granddaughter, co writer Nicolette Blount (book, music, lyrics), Lindel Hart (book), and John Waynelovich (music). Savage is a redemption story about an independent, indigenous mother who fought oppression, racism, sexism, and abuse to make a name for herself. Wanda’s unconquerable spirit propelled her from a reservation in Oklahoma to worldwide fame in Vaudeville, and Hollywood before landing in a Wyoming brothel. Savage the Musical presents a modern view of Native Americans against a historical backdrop and highlights a culture and people who are underrepresented. Read more about Savage the Musical...

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