Music Transcription & Takedowns

Our team can transcribe your audio by ear into digital and printable sheet music. We transcribe all styles, instruments, and genres into today's most used music notation software (Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, MuseScore 4). Delivery of one song takes between 1 to 2 days and can be delivered as PDFs, MusicXML or in the notation file format you need.

Music Direction

Kevin has been music directing for the majority of his career in musical theatre, classical, concert and liturgical spaces. He can teach music, hire an orchestra, vocal coach, conduct from the podium, organize & run productive and efficient music rehearsals, and work with a creative team to bring music from the page to the stage.

​Music Engraving & Copying

Delivering high-quality and easy-to-read sheet music is paramount in presenting a powerful performance, running effective music rehearsals, publishing, distributing, and licensing your music. We can create custom music layouts for you, or use our house style templates so your music gets the treatment it deserves. 

Send us your MIDI, MP3, notation files, paper manuscripts and music in all forms and stages so we can provide engraving and copying services. We'll extract instrument parts, provide sample recordings, and work with you every step of the way. We deliver high resolution PDF's and can have your music professionally printed, bound or taped and work in all genres of music from classical, jazz, musical theatre, pop/contemporary, 21st century, and modern.

    Sheet Music Copying & Typesetting

    Arrangements & Orchestrations

    Music arrangements and restructuring of songs, pieces, and works that make musical sense and fit your needs. Instrumentation and orchestrations that cater to your ensemble. Concert band, orchestral, SATB choir, jazz combo, big band, rock band, musical theatre orchestrations, and small piece ensembles. 

      • One Day from "Savage the Musical"
      • Mary Ball from "Mary Ball the Musical"
      • Meet You In The Morning from "Boundless the Musical"
      • 8 Deadly Sins from "Mary Ball the Musical"
      • Bow Music from "Boundless the Musical"
      • Catch Your Breath from "Mary Ball the Musical"
      • Overture Arrangement from "Fred the Musical"
      • Someday from "Fred the Musical"
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      Commission us to compose music for your project, movie, TV show, short film, video game, musical, or album. We also engage in collaborations with musical theatre writers and authors across the globe. 


      Need a song transposed for an upcoming audition? Want to have a piece transposed for your principal instrument? We can transpose your music and have it delivered to you within 1 to 2 days. It doesn't have to be in a notation program already. We can do that for you.

      Rehearsal & Performance Backing Tracks

      We have over 5,000 instruments in our digital sample library, custom sounds, effects, and instruments right at our fingertips. Have the flexibility to change tempos, transpose keys, and edit the arrangements as you see fit. We have had our backing tracks used in local, community, educational, and regional theatres.

        MainStage Keyboard Programming

        • Custom MainStage patches and programming to work with your MIDI keyboard controller and performance setup.
        • Complete sample libraries embedded within each MainStage concert for use on the go.
        • Incorporate sound effects, patch layering, sampling, and audio effects into the programming.
        • Play-ability and functionality for ease of performance.
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        Audio Editing, Mixing, & Production

        Clean up your vocals for your Podcast, audio book, talk show, and video project. Ensure each word is heard and imperfections are cut out to improve the quality of your audio. Our team can mix your band, song, or album to a level that is standard across multiple platforms and streaming services.

          Music Printing & Binding

            Sheet music printing and binding services are available and we will print, tape, saddle stitch, coil bind, comb bind, or hole punch your music for you so it flips easily and is easy to read for your musicians. We can print 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 9x12, 11x17, and 12x18 standard music paper sizes for parts and scores. We also can proofread your score before we print it. Ask us for an estimate to get started.
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          Music Printing
          Music Binding

          Consultations & Lessons

          Schedule a one-on-one consultation to work through your project. We also offer group and individual lessons via Zoom to those willing to learn the skills we use every day. Contact us to schedule a session. The current rate is $100/HR for consultations and one-on-one lessons. Group classes and workshops are available as well for Logic Pro X, MainStage 3, and Finale.

          Worldwide & International Clients

          We serve the globe!

          Our music service clients span the globe ranging from Australia, United Kingdom, Beijing, United States, Ireland, Germany, and Canada (just to name a few). We accept payments globally and will work with you in your time zone.

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          International business